Miner County Community Revitalization ("MCCR") hasn't gone away; we've changed our name and expanded our mission. MCCR is now the 'Rural Learning Center,' a non-profit organization with a broadened mission to serve rural communities everywhere. After all, what good is learning if you can't share it?

Our work in Miner County has not changed a bit. We are committed to the vision and strategies the people of Miner County have designed, and will continue to work together to ensure this regional community remains a place of dreams and opportunity. To learn about development efforts in Miner County, click here. To get the whole story about the roots of the Rural Learning Center click here.

The Rural Learning Center will connect the people and work of Miner County to people in other rural communities throughout South Dakota and the nation. We believe in the promise of rural, and are passionate about helping people reimagine and create a better future.