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  A little money
buys a lot of house in Howard.



Make Howard Your New Home!



Nationally more and more families feel pinched by escalating home costs. Some have decided the only way they’ll afford a home is to sacrifice an unreasonable percentage of their family income. By contrast in Howard, families spend a lower percentage of income on housing.

Todd and Brenda Glanzer are examples. They used to live in the Black Hills, but they decided that it made no financial sense to seek a big Rapid City home for themselves and their four children. For a fraction of the cost of Black Hills houses they could buy most any home in Howard and customize it to their exact needs. “We’re making about what we did in Rapid City,” notes Brenda, “but we’re better off financially because the cost of living is better.”

Here’s what homebuyers might expect currently in Howard: an average three-bedroom house with a double garage sells for under $75,000. A newer home, 20 or 25 years old, would likely sell for about $110,000.